How to pick wedding colors quiz ?

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Marriage is a unique event in the life of every human being. In order for this solemn and moving moment to leave you pleasant memories, you must prepare it carefully and avoid missteps. What criteria should you choose your wedding colors on?

Consider your preferences

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. This date must therefore be memorable for you. Treat yourself and choose colors that will appeal to you and your partner.

It’s your celebration, so don’t do anything in spite of yourself, it’s all about taste and color. You can create your color palette taking into account your preferences and those of your companion (companion).

Take into account the location of your ceremony

Have you chosen to have your wedding in a forest or in a beautiful clearing? Do you prefer the beaches of an island paradise or the soothing calm of the mountains? Make sure that the colors of the event are in perfect harmony with the setting.

It will be, for example, yellow or orange combined with a turquoise blue, for the golden sand and the blue of the sea. Consider a vibrant green for a forest wedding. If the celebration is in a room, it is better to choose your colors according to the decoration of the place.

Focus on the season of the year

Choosing the colors for your wedding should also be done according to the season you are in. Choose your wedding colors according to the season for a harmonious effect. If your wedding takes place in the summer, you should favor warm, bright hues that inspire cheerfulness, such as yellow or fuchsia.

For a winter wedding, you can choose shades of beige combined with other soft hues to create a cozy atmosphere. Whatever the season, avoid dark colors. Remember, this is a party to celebrate a happy occasion.

Don’t skimp on the meaning of colors

The symbolism of the colors is a very relevant criterion for the choice of your wedding colors. Red expresses passionate love, white is a symbol of purity, pink of tenderness and happiness.

So choose your color according to the message you want to convey. It’s a very poetic way to tell the love story that brought you to this stage. However, from one culture to another, the meaning of colors changes. White, for example, is synonymous with mourning in most Asian societies.

Consider the theme of the party

If you have opted for a themed party, your colors should be consistent with the chosen theme. Plum and turquoise colors will go perfectly with a wedding that is placed under a peacock feather or Bollywood theme.

Pastel pink paired with sky blue will be ideal for a vintage wedding style. For an oriental theme, the combination of midnight blue and fuchsia will be perfect. Get off the beaten track with the red, yellow, and green trio for an African or Rasta theme.

Above all, do not hold back! Anything is possible as long as it gives you happiness. Remember, this is your moment, and it must be memorable. You can also get help from professionals who will choose with you the colors suited to your desires.