How to install a swimming pool pump and filter ?

Usefull-stuff.comNewsHow to install a swimming pool pump and filter ?

The pump is an important element in the filtration system of a pond. It works in conjunction with the filter which prevents the proliferation of bacteria in the pool. However, their installation requires compliance with certain criteria. We give you more details here.

Prerequisites for installing the swimming pool pump and filter

Before proceeding with the installation, it is important to know the components of a swimming pool pump. Indeed, it contains several elements that contribute to its proper functioning. Among these are a pre-filter, a turbine that helps the water to move, and a motor that allows it to circulate. It also has two ports: the first of which is connected to the suction valves, and the second to the filtration system.

The installation also requires having the tools and accessories necessary for the smooth running of the project. For the hydraulic circuit around the pump, we use: rigid PVC pipes, elbows, tees, and curves. There are also valves and a PVC manifold.

Regarding the cutting of the pipes and the pump, you will need 2 lag bolts, 2 unions and lock washers and necessarily:

  • a GEB universal stripper
  • a pipe cutter or a saw
  • sealing tape
  • Sandpaper
  • a tape measure, a pencil, a rag
  • and blue glue

For the filter you will need about 6m of hose with a diameter of 38mm, 1 roll of Teflon tape, Screwdriver, 4 hose clamps (32 – 50mm) and a floating skimmer kit if desired.

How to install the pool pump and filter

Installing and connecting a swimming pool pump is a very complex process in setting up a pool. It, therefore, requires as much rigor as vigilance in the actions to be taken. Since the pump is connected to the filter and to the pool’s electrical circuit, these three devices must be installed simultaneously. The pump must first be connected to the suction for this purpose. This is made up of the nurse. The latter is a device comprising a skimmer, a broom plug and a bottom drain.

To connect them, start by attaching the pump caps to both ends of the manifold. Once you have assembled the pump and the suction, you will then have to connect the pump to the filter. This step involves the manufacturer’s instructions, which you should use as a guide to assemble the two devices. After that, you will have to look at the connection with the electrical circuit. Precautions are required especially if you do not have knowledge in the electrical field. In this case, the intervention of a professional is recommended.

Switching on the filtration pump takes place in several stages. Before you start, equip yourself with short-circuit protection to deal with any difficulties. First you need to connect it to earth. Then use a suitable cable, in particular of the HO7RN-f type, to make the connection. Also, note that each pool pump has a different power than the others. Thus, verify that the power supply on your network matches that required for the operation of your device. Finally, be sure to secure the screws and gaskets of the pump components before starting the pump.