Where to find reviews on affiliate marketing network ?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest avenues to make money online legitimately. However, using reviews to get a reputable affiliate marketing network is the best decision because you get people’s experience. Let’s look at avenues where to find reviews on affiliate marketing networks.

About affiliate marketing network

An affiliate marketing network is a firm that provide complementary products and services to a plethora of merchants. These networks provide promotional offers and also encourage customers to look into other opportunities using affiliate links.

Any firm looking for more customers will pay members of their marketing network for leads which they would use to increase sales. An affiliate marketing network allows firms and businesses to concentrate on other operations.

Review websites for affiliate marketing network

Getting good reviews to join an affiliate marketing network isn’t easy, here are some reliable platforms where genuine reviews are:


Many affiliates are not aware that Amazon is an affiliate review site. But this huge e-commerce market has more customer interactions than most websites. Their star rating structure ranks search results, and many can find how reliable an affiliate is by using it.


This is an excellent place to review an affiliate network. It boasts of more than 220 reviews and 49 million users monthly. They are highly reliable and earn more than $399 million annually.


Individuals who aren’t sure of which affiliate marketing network to use can check this world’s best travel review site. They have more than 500 million visitors monthly. You can check through their review section, to check feedback on affiliate network marketing.


This review platform is one of the best you could get online. Daily customers review various products and services of a business, thereby giving many heads up before joining a network.


This is an Australia-based review platform that has many customers interested in e-commerce and marketing. The main aim of this site is testing product and services, comparisons, getting feedback on business amongst others.

Google Maps

Another great review platform from Google brings together 12 billion different users. The feedback from Google maps can help you know which business to promote and what marketing networks to avoid.

Tips that can guide you when using a review site for an affiliate marketing network

Here are things to check in on these review platforms:

Know more about the review site

This will aid you in deciding how reliable the platform is about affiliate marketing. Some new review sites should be avoided because feedback might not be credible. The positive antecedent of a review site allows their comments easier to believe them.

Check for similar wordings in their reviews

This should be taken seriously by the affiliate partner and indicate whether the review is compromised or not. Some scrupulous review sites give sentimental reviews to encourage clients.

Avoid Drastic review site

Some review sites are known to always post excessive positive and negative comments, be wary of those sites. Review websites are supposed to be non-biased, therefore, excessively leaning to one side is a red flag.

Simple user-interface

It is better using review platforms which are easy to navigate and use. Some reviews have fuzzy design which makes it difficult to use.

Getting review will make it easier deciding whether to join a network or not. The above-mentioned review platforms will offer you great insights into affiliate marketing network.