How to build portfolio web design agency ?

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If you are in the world of web design, it is important to have a quality portfolio. This document allows you to highlight your work, but above all to have added value with professionals and agencies. Although the portfolio is an essential tool, it is very often complicated to set up. Here’s how to create a portfolio for a web design agency.

Highlight your best projects

When deciding to create a portfolio, it is important to choose carefully which projects you are going to include in it. Indeed, no need to put them all or insert those of which you are not particularly proud. It is advisable to include only the relevant work then which is most related to your design and the graphic universe. In addition, your portfolio should be regularly updated, depending on your progress. In addition, it is important to take care of the last page as well as the first. Many people forget that professionals usually keep in mind the last thing they saw. You must therefore be able to maintain a certain consistency throughout your portfolio.

Highlight your personal projects

Many graphic designers and web designers tend to highlight projects made for their clients. It is also important to be able to put personal projects. These will allow professionals and agencies to know the universe of the web designer independently of the studies received. So don’t hesitate to slip your inspirations, your universe, and anything that can bring you added value into your portfolio.

Create portfolios based on your customers

If you decide to set up a portfolio, you have the option of doing so depending on the type of client. This allows you to show agencies and professionals the work you have done specifically in their field of activity. This method can even prove to be a plus during calls for tenders. You only have to send the portfolio that corresponds to the request without having to create a new one. It’s a perfect way to reassure your future employers.

Create suspense

It is important to be able to put suspense in your portfolio. Not only that, but it is better not to show all of your abilities. To do this, avoid exposing several models of the same or the same type. Stick to two per sector. For example, if you want to highlight an infographic, use two completely different templates rather than several similar prototypes. If a client is interested, they will contact you directly to find out more about your capabilities regarding their area of ​​expertise.

A digital portfolio, but also traditional

Today, the digital portfolio is an important, even imperative, tool for any web designer. This is the basic element to sell to professionals and agencies. However, it remains important to also have a paper portfolio. It is a small piece of paper that you can give directly to your appointments. Your portfolio can even represent your business card. You can integrate a QR CODE to your website for example.