Are there any platinum accounting software ?

Usefull-stuff.comNewsAre there any platinum accounting software ?

Most business accounting is done directly on the computer. Indeed, more and more accounting software are emerging to make it easier for companies to do their accounts. Among these, we can mention Platinum accounting software. Here are some of the most popular programs.

Ciel Compta, a benchmark in accounting management

This software, well known to accountants and students, is one of the most popular for doing your bookkeeping. However, using Ciel Compta requires a license for each computer, as it is software that works offline. It is one of the few platinum accounting software that is suitable for all types of businesses (VSEs, SMEs, multinationals, etc.).

Regarding its functionalities, this software offers many options that facilitate the entry of accounting entries. Ciel Compta also makes it possible to simplify the edition of the balance sheet and to monitor your company’s cash accounts. In addition, by coupling Ciel Compta with Office 365 software, you will benefit from many other features and an improvement in your productivity.

ITool, a 100% French production

ITool is the first French accounting SaaS (Software as a Service) classified in the category of platinum accounting software. Created in 2000 by French people, this subsidiary of EBP since 2006 is undoubtedly one of the best accounting software.

ITool is a software perfectly suited to SMEs and craftsmen. It offers simplified management of your accounts. It is used to manage invoices, create tax packages or even enter accounting entries with disconcerting ease. ITool has a very ergonomic interface and unlimited support with its reasonably priced platinum monthly subscription. You also have the option of conducting conferences with this software. Regarding data security, ITool performs a permanent automatic backup.

Sage, the most famous accounting software

Sage Accounting Software is by far the most widely used accounting software in business. Suitable for small and large businesses, this software perfectly meets the accounting and business requirements of all types of companies. Its operation is essentially based on the Cloud.

SMEs particularly appreciate it for its simplicity in the management of accounting books. In terms of practicality and ergonomics, it is also one of the easiest accounting software to use thanks to its intuitive and simple interface. Its functionalities like Sage Live or Sage X3 are adapted to the functionalities of large companies. What sets Sage apart from other competitive software is that it can be used for both business and accounting management, unlike its main competitors who specialize more in accounting.


In the platinum accounting software category, we can also add FreshBooks. Based exclusively on the cloud, this software only needs a good connection to function properly. It allows companies to manage their basic accounting, invoicing and pricing, but also the management of expenses and payments. It is also one of the best software for payroll management.

Very complete, its handling is relatively simple and its operation intuitive. More affordable than QuickBooks, FreshBooks is the future of accounting software.