How to print a personalized gift book ?

Usefull-stuff.comNewsHow to print a personalized gift book ?

A personalized book is a well-chosen personalized gift, the passion for reading being common to many people, young and old alike. Thus, a novel, an account, or even a photo book can only please the recipient of this gift. If you are wondering how to get one printed, here is some clarification on that.

Choose the type of personalized book to offer

Before proceeding to the printing stage, you must choose the type of books to give as a personalized gift. This choice will depend on the age and taste of the recipient of the gift. But anyway, if you decide to print a book, you still have to know what type of book to choose, you have to keep all aspects personal.

Choose a personalized cookbook as a gift

If you want to give a personalized gift to a cooking enthusiast, what better than a cookbook? The latter may contain the favorite dishes of the person to whom you are giving it as a gift.

Also, a personalized cookbook can contain old family recipes. In this case, be sure that you have chosen an ideal gift to give to a food enthusiast. In addition, such a gift could be a culinary legacy to pass on to the descendants of the family.

Opt for a personalized novel as a present to offer

Although writing a novel is much more laborious than writing a cookbook, such a gift can also reach the recipient. If you have the soul of a writer, you can print and give a novel authored by you to your first fan (friend, brother, spouse).

Apart from recipe books and novels, you can choose as a personalized gift a comic book, a biography, a travelogue, or even a photo book. After deciding what type of book to print, now is the time to print.

For this, it will therefore be necessary to choose the formats you want for printing the personalized gift book.

The format of your personalized book

It is important to note that each type of book corresponds to a very specific format. However, it is not necessary to adhere to this format even if it helps to keep some consistency.

For a cookbook, it is advisable to choose a spiral binding. But also, a large book size (16 × 24 cm) and smooth satin photo paper could do the trick. For a novel or a biography, you are spoiled for choice. But, the best choice is to opt for a glued square spine binding and a pocket-size (11 × 17 cm).

In addition, for better reading comfort, choose standard paper (80g, white) for the pages of your novel or biography.

After defining the formats, it’s time to move on to printing. To do this, you need to choose a printer.

Choose the printer of your personalized gift book

For a personalized gift, you don’t need many copies. You will be able to make your impression in a traditional printing house. But also, you have the option of making your impression online.

In addition, you can quickly get a quote on the internet for your printing.