What are the main supplements for bodybuilding ?

Usefull-stuff.comNewsWhat are the main supplements for bodybuilding ?

Food supplements help consolidate the bodybuilder’s effort by boosting muscle capacity. They then intervene as essential elements and must necessarily be integrated into the sportsman’s diet. Because of this, it is important to highlight the main supplements for bodybuilding.

Whey proteins

Whey proteins come from the liquid part of dairy products, especially that rising to the surface of the yogurt. Otherwise, called whey, these proteins are of excellent quality. They are easily digested and are perfectly suited to the needs of the athlete. Their high concentration of leucine and glutamine makes them ideal for the athlete wishing to increase their muscle mass. They also have a faster assimilation rate than other proteins. In addition, whey also consists of glutathione, a molecule with beneficial properties that offer the immune system a strong antioxidant potential.


Creatine is a substance naturally synthesized by the liver, pancreas, and kidneys. It is used by the body to maintain high levels of ATP in the cells of the body. The human body contains an average of 100 grams of creatine, which is mainly found in the muscles of the skeleton. They come in the form of “creatine phosphate”.

In order to increase the creatine intake, the athlete can use supplements in the form of monohydrate. This helps to strengthen physical capacities and indirectly promote fat loss by improving basal metabolism.

Beta-alanine (BA)

It is a substance that occurs naturally in muscles, just like creatine. It is obtained from the amino acids in food. Very similar to creatine, beta-alanine is a performance-enhancing supplement. It also allows the athlete to train intensively over a longer period of time. This is because BA acts directly on lactic acid, which is the main cause of muscle fatigue. By reducing the negative effects of lactic acid, therefore, muscle performance can be improved.


Arguably, it is the most common amino acid in the body. It promotes muscle recovery, as well as growth, strengthens the immune system, and prevents muscle failure. All of these abilities help reduce fatigue and allow for intense training while increasing growth hormone.

Aspartic acid

Aspartic acid is a nonessential, but very important amino acid. A deficiency of this element in the body can cause loss of energy and strength as well as fatigue. Additionally, vigorous training can damage testosterone and IGF-1 levels. If there is also insufficient aspartic acid needed to boost testosterone levels, this can lead to slower performance. This highlights the effectiveness of this element in effectively boosting testosterone levels in the body. It is therefore an essential complement to muscle growth.

These few supplements presented above will certainly help strengthen the athlete’s muscle capacity as well as boost their performance in training.