DDI Solutions (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) for Linux: A component for modern companies!

Usefull-stuff.comGadgetDDI Solutions (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) for Linux: A component for modern companies!

The management of IP addresses is becoming an important task for all companies. Indeed, the network must be as stable and flexible as possible. In order to be more efficient, a good DDI Solution is needed as it allows to manage DNS and DHCP servers and IPAM management in one single use. It gives the company a significant upgrade and optimization because it reduces the risk of errors.


Why should a IPAM for linux concern your business?


This name seems familiar to you but you can not explain it? You should know that Linux is very common when we use electronic devices even if we are no aware. Linux is a group of free open source softwares. When it has been created, it was mainly for computers, but it is present on other platforms such as Android.


Using Linux instead of Windows presents several advantages that are considered by companies. Such as:


  • A lot of programs are free.
  • Many updates are available and still, they are free.
  • Even if most of these programs are free, they are often of good quality.
  • A large Linux community is active. They can help you and answer any of your questions.


Using Linux can represent a large amount of time to be familiar with its functioning, but it brings a real value. Indeed, if your company is relatively new, the money can be an issue for its development. As mentioned before, all softwares using Linux are free. The result is that you can exploit the potential of your electronic devices with reduced costs. The best aspect of this is that free does not mean low quality!


Using a IPAM Linux solution ensures a stronger organisation for the IP addresses management. Indeed, it adds a better flow to your network. You can have access to many useful information such as: who is using an IP address, the time he is using it and from where. It allows to prevent against attack from the inside of a company.

IPAM Linux

A DDI solution (dns-dhcp-ipam) for linux: An upgrade for your company


Using Linux for your company is one thing but optimize it represents another. Indeed, in today’s world, businesses need to have the most effective and reactive network to be competitive. Investing in a high quality DDI solution (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) for Linux can bring many benefits for your company such as:


  • Boosting your team productivity.
  • The possibility to delegate tasks which improve the agility of your company
  • Reducing the administrator manual work by automating many tasks.
  • It ensures a quick recovery in case of an attack or a crash.


If your company uses a Linux open source software, you should invest in a DDI solution. You need to update your network for your future objectives. Keeping an obsolete system will slow down your productivity. As a consequence, your reputation may be affected by your activity.


SOLIDserver of EfficientIP is good choice for Linux systems. Indeed, it optimizes your network by boosting the DNS and DHCP servers and IP addresses related management. More information available here : www.efficientip.com


So, do not wait any longer to improve the functioning of your company. By simply upgrading your system, productivity and security, your will bring more value to your business.