What to do when you find a lost cat?

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Seeing a missing cat in your apartment can be a confusing experience, especially if it’s your first time. You may want to assist these found lost cat but don’t know what to do. Lost cats are usually strayed, abandoned or missing. You have to decide which category this found lost cat is before deciding on your next line of action. What to do when you find a lost cat?

Capturing the Cat

Found lost cat

Safety should be your first motto, using the following tips like:

Contain it safely

Your first line of action is capturing the feline and containing it. Domestic cats are easier to capture than stray cats. If it’s the former, try to get help from animal control.

Approach carefully

No matter the breeds or categories of found lost cat, be careful when trying to capture them. This is to avoid spooking the animal as it may feel threatened and run away. Please be safe and avoid harm trying to help.

Try enticing it with Food

Using cat food to catch a found lost cat is a good decision. If you can’t find cat meals, buy fishes to entice it to move closer to you. Keep in a Carrier. After you have safely caught the lost cat put it in a sort of container which will hold it for some time. Feral cats are difficult to hold than other cats, so get a strong container with air holes.

Look for identification tags before making a report

Found lost cat

Check the lost cat for some identification before reporting. These include:

    • Cat ID tags

Check the cat neck for the sign of any tags which may contain the owner’s data. If you are lucky, and you find any tags, kindly use the information there to find the owner.

    • Embedded Chips

If you can’t find tags, try to scan the cat for microchips. This can be done by visiting an animal care center.

    • Make a Report

If all efforts to get the owner proves abortive, file a found lost cat report with the nearest animal care detailing how and where the cat is found. It is possible that the owner might have contacted them.

Speak to Experts

You would need to speak to those who know about the lost cat like:

Veterinary Doctors

You should immediately talk to a vet who should examine if the found lost cat has any infectious illness or not. This is important for your health and avoids health challenges from the feline.

Animal services

If the found lost cat is behaving strangely or aggressively, it would be wise to call Animal Control. Please give detailed information to the animal services authorities to know what to expect.

Animal shelter

Try to take the cat to the animal care center as soon as possible. They are in the best position to take care of the found lost cat and connect it to its owner.

The Owner

Try to find the owner using various means like making a lost cat poster and distributing fliers physically. Also try to use online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Finding a lost cat may be seen as strange and complicated at first, however, knowing what to do with strayed pets is important. The above information will give you hints on what to do when you find a lost cat.

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