What is conversion optimization in seo ?

Usefull-stuff.comNewsWhat is conversion optimization in seo ?

In SEO strategy, conversion optimization or conversion rate (CRO) is an excellent way to make visitors (website/blog), real customers. It differs from natural referencing but is complementary to it. If the term “conversion optimization” sounds new to you, don’t worry. This piece will explain its benefits for your online business.

Conversion optimization: what is it?

The goal of any site or blog (commercial, sale of services, etc.) is to get Internet users to take a given action. For example, the goal of an e-commerce site is to get visitors to make a purchase by doing the right thing. This is called a “conversion”. Thus, conversion occurs when a user does exactly what the site expects of him. In other words, he can make a purchase, a registration, watch a video, enter his contacts… In SEO marketing, conversion is very crucial to improve or boost an online business.

Conversion optimization is the set of techniques to increase the number of people who perform the desired action of a website. This logically allows online business owners to achieve their business goals. It is the same for the other categories of websites. Likewise, measuring the conversion rate makes it possible to monitor the progress of a website in relation to its objectives. It is therefore a valuable indicator that allows you to know when to put more effort into achieving the goal of your website or blog.

How to optimize the conversion in SEO?

Optimizing conversion is intimately linked to SEO. Indeed, good SEO is necessary to improve the conversion of a website. SEO alone is not enough to convert visitors to an e-commerce site into customers or subscribers. Here are some strategies to improve the conversion of a virtual sign on the web.

Compartmentalization of visitor categories

On your website or blog, you will receive different categories of visitors. Some will come to your site accidentally, so without a real interest in your products or services. Others will go there because they are interested in your structure (products/services). Finally, people will come because they want to buy your services or products.

In this context, you must carefully orient your conversion strategies in the direction of the last category of visitors. By doing so, you will be able to generate a “call to action” valid for other categories of visitors. Above all, avoid doing a general conversion optimization, that is, one that targets all three categories of visitors at the same time. If you use tools like “smart content” you will get more interesting results.

Quality content

To increase the conversion rate of your website, you need to provide user-friendly and engaging content to your potential customers. We need quality texts, containing the appropriate keywords and above all meeting the needs of visitors. AB/testing is a great way to find out what type of text and format your visitors like.

In addition to these strategies, there is the design (of the website) that needs to be improved. You must also put a clear and easily identifiable “call to action”. This is also very important. Testimonials and guarantees are also effective.