How to assemble wedding invitations ?

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Your wedding is approaching, and you have already received the invitations from your printer? You must quickly pass them on to your loved ones so that they are informed about the details of your ceremony. To do this, you must assemble all the elements (case cards, tissue paper invitation, etc.) that make up your invitation suite. However, this is not always an easy task to perform, especially if it has never been done before. Here are some tips to properly assemble wedding invitations.

Gather the elements

Gather the different elements that will make up your invitation suite on a table. The most commonly used elements for wedding invitations are the invitation itself, tissue paper, reception cards, and box cards. In addition, other people also use the R.S.V.P. Begin your assembly by following these different steps.

Highlight the invitation

You need to start with the first step of highlighting the wedding invitation. Place it on the table so that its face is visible. This is also how it should be placed in the envelope.

Arrange the tissue paper well

Tissue paper was used primarily to retain ink. Today it is used by some people for decoration. You can therefore also use it to add a special touch to your invitation. However, you need to know where to place it. Therefore, it is advisable to put the fabric just above the invitation before installing the other elements of the assembly.

Add reception card

The reception card should sit neatly toward the top of the tissue paper. If you have decided not to use the paper yourself, then all you have to do is put the reception card at the top of the invitation. Remember to always lay it face up, so guests don’t have to turn it over to read it.

Place the other enclosure cards

If you want to add case cards to your build, put them so that they are visible from the front without turning them over. This can be a hotel accommodation card or other types of cards. You can place them one after the other in any order you want. Indeed, there is no predefined order on this. On the other hand, if your cards have different formats, it would be good to classify them from the largest to the smallest.

You can add an R.S.V.P.

The R.S.V.P. (please respond) is a card used when you want to get a response from your guests. You must also place its side up so that the recipient can see the printed side.

Filling the envelope

After you have gathered all the items, you will now need to arrange them in your envelope. You can choose one envelope or two envelopes depending on the number of elements. If you are using an outer casing, all you have to do is insert the rest of the previously assembled elements. You should insert them so that the guest can see the printed side of the invitation and the names when the envelope flap is open.