Why choose alternative of arc welder ?

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Arc welding is used to join two metal parts by fusing them together with a filler metal that contains a coated electrode. It is a very common technique for raising the temperature of materials to be welded until they melt. Also, MMA arc welding is ideal for steel, iron, and cast iron. What is arc welding, and what are the advantages of using this process?

What can we say about arc welding?

A process invented in 1904 by the Swedish Kjelberg, arc welding is referred to in English as Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW). The Americans commonly call it ” Schield Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), a designation that will prevail over the others thereafter. Manual Metal Arc Welding is therefore a welding process used in the context of ferrous alloys, or in metal structures most often.

In fact, in order to successfully assemble two metal parts, it is important to have a very high heat during welding, which only an electric arc can produce. With an MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding machine with a generator that delivers a low voltage (45 to 50 volts) but high current (40 to 170 amps on average), you can create an electric arc. Likewise, arc welding can be done using several techniques. There are the properties of metals such as their melting temperature and the parts to be welded with specificities depending on their thickness and malleability.

Arc welding: how does it work?

Before performing an arc weld, it is important to make sure that the parts to be assembled are clean and dry. If necessary, you can rub them with a wire brush to remove traces of paint or rust. It also contributes to the resistivity of materials traversed by electricity in order to cause heating. Then, the temperature rise can reach the melting point of the metal.

At the same time, it should be noted that the welding machine, before producing such a phenomenon, must deliver an alternating or direct electric current. From then on, the operator will take care of brushing the metal with the electrode, which he holds thanks to the electrode port. An electric arc will necessarily form to heat the metal and melt the electrode. There are also different welding methods such as spot, semi-automatic, Mig Mag, coated electrode, Tig, and plasma welding.

The advantages of using arc welding

Arc welding is suitable for almost all metals to be welded. But, more specifically, it is recommended for large jobs such as ironwork. It can also be used for smaller jobs such as locksmithing. In addition, other areas such as sheet metal assembly, boiler making, piping also use this process. Many other advantages justify the attraction of arc welding. It is a method known to be very effective. Indeed, the electric arc formed at more than 3000 °C guarantees excellent resistance of the weld.

In addition, it is a method that is not very expensive, in proportion to the scale of the work. Thus, a basic electrode would be ideal for metals to be welded with high resistance, and a rutile titanium oxide electrode will be preferred for small jobs.