Which of the following aspects of arab tribal life was reinforced in the quran ?

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Al Qur’an in Arabic, the Koran is the holy book of Muslims. It is mentioned in sura 2 al baqara that the quran was descended by ALLAH, as a guide for the people and clear proof of the right direction. On this momentum, many practices of the ancient Arab tribes were revised there. Find out which aspects of tribal life followed by the Arabs were reinforced in the Quran?

Interhuman relations

The Arabs used to sign pacts between tribes to prevent one from attacking the other, and to secure trade which was among their main attractions. However, some traders engaged in fraud. With the arrival of Islam, God restored transparency with the descent of the first three verses of the sura called the fraudsters: “ Woe to the fraudsters who, when they have them measured for themselves, demand the full measure, and who, when they themselves measure or weigh for others [them] cause their downfall. ”

Also, money loans were overtaxed and the lender did not establish a contract. Verse 282 of sura al baraqa came to regulate them in these words: ‘’ O you who believe! When you contract a debt with a fixed term, put it in writing; and that a scribe write it, between you, in all righteousness… Have two witnesses of your men testify to it; and in the absence of two men, a man and two women… it is more equitable with ALLAH… and more likely to dispel doubts… ”

Women’s rights

Before the descent of the qur’an, some Arab women wore the veil and others did not. It happened that the veil became a sign of distinction between noblewomen of good morals and courtesans. Any woman who did not wear a veil could be sexually assaulted without consequences. ALLAH then sent down sura 24 to verse 31: “ And tell the believing women to lower their eyes, to keep their chastity, and to show off their attire only what appears and that they lower their veil over their breasts. … ”. The mention of the flap on the chest thus reinforces the tradition where women only covered the head. Wearing the veil now concerns all women. God thus establishes the equality of women without distinction of rank.


The Arabs used to marry an unlimited number of women. They even made exchanges in which a man who desires another’s wife can give him his own wife in addition to a sum of money. God prohibited these practices, first in sura 2 in verse 228: “And divorced women must observe a waiting period of three periods…”. Then in sura 4 to verse 3: ”… It is permissible to marry two, three or four, among the women you like, but, if you are afraid of not being righteous with them, then only one … ”. Then in sura 4 to verse 4: ‘’ And give the wives their mahr (the dowry), with good grace…

From now on polygamy is limited to 4 on the condition of being equitable between his wives. Also, no marriage is valid without observing a 3-month wait.

These are many aspects of tribal life followed by the Arabs that have been reinforced in the Quran!