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Here, ah Usefull stuff, we want you to show that it is possible to live differently, just by following some advice. You will see, your life condition will be well improved. Are you interested in changing your life ? The, keep on reading.

Sleeping is the most important thing

It’s true, we do not sleep enough. Although, it is very important to get enough sleep. How to do that ? One hour before going to bed, shut down TV, computers, and find a good book that you want to read.

Go to bed, open you book. You will see, you will fall asleep without knowing ! In the morning, you will be alert, aware, thanks to this good night sleep.

Do some sports before starting your day

You have to do some sport in order to be in a good shape.

When ? Before starting your day. When you wake up, dress up and go for a walk or for a run. 20 minutes is enough. You will see the difference, we are sure of that.

Have a good breakfast

As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Then, you just can’t skip it. Take 30 minutes in the morning, after you running, to sit on the table and eat a delicious meal.

You will see that you’ll be more alert, more aware of what is happening.

Which are the most important tasks of you day ?

Before starting your day, you have to define which are the most important tasks you have to down. Then, write them down. It will help you to organise.

Clean up your room

A decent and a better life starts with the cleaning of your house or your apartment. You have to find a place for everything.

It is really important for your organisation. When you know where things are, then it is simpler to find them.

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